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                          Welcome to Shenzhen Sui-Yi Touch Computer Co.,Ltd.
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                          Contact us

                          Contact person: Sammy Chen  
                          Email: sammy_chen@sxtouch.com
                          Mobile: +8613530801646
                          Skype: SammyChen@SZ 
                          WeChat: 13530801646

                          Add: 12F, 2nd TianYou Industrial Park, 28th Xin Tang Rd, FuYong Town, Bao‘an District, Shenzhen

                          Digital signage

                          Magic mirror

                          Virtual Cosmetics
                          Forget smudging lipstick and eye shadow samples off your face for each color you try on. Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit, harnessing the most accurate facial mapping technology for a true-to-life virtual makeover. Apply hundreds of cosmetics products in real-time with Makeup Cam or to selfie photos.

                                                  In-Store Virtual Makeup Tryout (Try 100+ of beauty products instantly)
                            Try multiple shades, products and looks instantly in one smart makeup mirror. Simplify the consumer journey with effortless AR try-outs of real-world makeup products in a wide range of realistic textures and finishes. From matte to metallic, powerful AI technology taps into deep learning algorithms to provide a highly accurate AR makeover experience in real-time. Moreover, there’s no mess and no worry about unhygienic makeup being used. Save money on test products – our AR beauty products never run out.
                                                                                              Real-Time Makeovers
                            Try makeup in real-time with the new Makeup Cam. Get an instant makeover as you experiment with hundreds of makeup & beauty looks that you can apply in real life! It‘s just like having a magic mirror in your pocket!
                                                        Smart Shade Finder (Detect skin tone & match foundation in seconds)
                            Smart AI foundation matching for every skin tone removes the difficult shade matching process for good. Highly accurate AR facial detection and machine learning technologies detects and matches customer skin tone with up to 95 shades available. Smart shade finder not only matches the perfect shade for customers, but also recommends other closely matched shades. After matching, customers are provided product information to purchase their personal favorite foundation shade.


                                                                                       Hair Color & Styles
                            Dye your own hair without visiting the salon! Give yourself a hair color makeover in seconds.
                            Or for a completely new style, try out true-to-life hairstyles.


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